TIP: Packing your item

How Should I Pack My Item To Be Sent By A Courier Company?

Here are some quick tips to help ensure that your items arrive in perfect condition:

  1. Wrap the items inside separately if possible as this will prevent things smashing against each other.
  2. Consider using polystyrene, or alternative as an additional cushioning device.
  3. Use strong tape around edges of boxes and packets to prevent damage.
  4. If there are any liquid items, make sure they are in leak-free containers and then sealed again within strong plastic bags.
  5. Consider the use of arrow-up labels.
  6. Ensure that the address details cannot be smudged or liable to water damage.
  7. Remember it is your responsibility to reduce the chance of damage in transit.
  8. Don’t think that just because your parcel is being sent next day or same day that you don’t need any extra packaging. An extra few minutes wrapping and securing your item can save an hour or more sorting out a claim with the protection cover policy that often comes with a delivery order.

Great Value in Outsourcing Your Cargo Delivery Needs

There is great value in outsourcing your cargo delivery needs to a professional courier service. When you depend on Anytime Express Couriers, not only will you save money on your fuel costs, but you will be able to eliminate a great deal of your other expenses. Anytime Express Courier is a courier service in Nashville TN, but our same day and rush delivery services frequently take us all throughout Tennessee and surrounding Areas.

It’s our job to save you money. You won’t find a more professional staff of specially-trained couriers to make sure your cargo gets where it’s supposed to be safely, and on time.

Because we are still in a state of economic recovery in the United States, the chances of fuel costs going up and down for any period of time is not always a sure thing. Wouldn’t it be nice if you didn’t have to worry about that part of your business anymore? Wouldn’t it be great to place your delivery needs in the hands of a courier service that will provide you with great customer service and help you maintain the satisfaction of your customer’s base. Just today the office of Al Gore called for our services, Government shut down or not some things can’t shut down like keeping the faith of the people you serve!!

Hauling Humor:
A lady bought a stamp at the post office and asked the clerk, “Shall I stick it on myself?”
The clerk replied, “It’ll get there faster if you stick it on the envelope.”

I wrote a letter to the Postmaster General once on ways to improve mail service. It got lost!!!lol

If you ever want to make sure somebody gets what’s coming to ’em, for God’s sake — don’t mail it!… lololololol
Smile and call Anytime Express!!!

Rising fuel costs is risky business.

One of the constants in business is that you can never depend on fuel costs remaining the same for very long. It seems like every week they jump up a few cents more and never seem to decrease as fast as they increase. These changes in fuel prices can be very frustrating for you as a business owner. That is why using a courier service makes much more sense than hiring a delivery driver(s). Not only do you need to worry about the changes in the fuel prices (which consistently affects your bottom line) but you have added expenses of vehicle maintenance, repair and replacement, insurance, etc, the list never ends. Since your customers rely on you for excellent customer service as well as timely deliveries, it makes much more sense to develop relationship with Nashville’s best courier service, like Anytime Express Transportation. By letting us handle your delivery and courier needs, we can help alleviate the stress created by unpredictable costs, and ensure your customers get the incredible service they have come to expect from you. Hoping for the long haul and longevity in the courier game!

Hauling Humor

“The average national price of a gallon of gas hit an all-time record high of $3.15 this week. Meaning that wherever you’re going this summer, it might be cheaper to mail your car.” -Amy Poehler

“Oil has fallen to $60 a barrel. Experts predict it will continue to fall until exactly one minute after the polls close on November 7th.” – Jay Leno

A variety of delivery options

Here at AET, we pride ourselves on the wide variety of clients we serve. Sure, we do all the normal stuff you’d expect from a courier. We deliver documents for legal firms, parts for automotive shops, carry important papers to loan companies and lots of other “professional” services. But we go far beyond that. At Nashville courier, we serve businesses and individuals as well.

Need help with your errands? Picking up a prescription from the pharmacy or taking something to the post office has never been easier. Yep, we do the simple stuff too. And the best part, you will be greeted by one of our warm and courteous employees.

We can help you move, transport, deliver, send, haul and carry anything you need, almost anywhere. Call us ANYTIME at 615-678-8452.

Helpful Packing Tips

From time to time, we find it helpful to remind our customers about the best way to package their goods.

Depending on the type of services you need, there are many options to ensuring your package arrives on time and in safe condition. Obviously, there are times when a little extra guidance is needed for specialty or fragile items, but we are here and ready to help! Don’t hesitate to call us at 615-678-8452.

Also, take a look at this handy resource below: