TIP: Packing your item

How Should I Pack My Item To Be Sent By A Courier Company?

Here are some quick tips to help ensure that your items arrive in perfect condition:

  1. Wrap the items inside separately if possible as this will prevent things smashing against each other.
  2. Consider using polystyrene, or alternative as an additional cushioning device.
  3. Use strong tape around edges of boxes and packets to prevent damage.
  4. If there are any liquid items, make sure they are in leak-free containers and then sealed again within strong plastic bags.
  5. Consider the use of arrow-up labels.
  6. Ensure that the address details cannot be smudged or liable to water damage.
  7. Remember it is your responsibility to reduce the chance of damage in transit.
  8. Don’t think that just because your parcel is being sent next day or same day that you don’t need any extra packaging. An extra few minutes wrapping and securing your item can save an hour or more sorting out a claim with the protection cover policy that often comes with a delivery order.